Why Good Friday is known as Good Friday 2017?


Every religion has some special days which are observed every year. There is a huge history behind every religious day and some people are not aware of the detailed history, they just know it apparently. Good Friday is a holy day of Christian community and they commemorate the death and crucifixion of Christ. These is observe two days before Easter so some people also called it Easter day. Every year the day for its celebration differs, the Good Friday 2017 would be observed on 14th April. However, many people do not know the reason that why it is called Good Friday or what is actually good about this day.


What does Good actually means?

The word ‘good’ in its literal term means holy or pious so people can call it a Holy Friday.

Theories about why Good Friday is called Good Friday

There are certain theories that provide explanation about why it is called Good Friday. These theories are discussed below:

  • One of the theories indicates that people called it a Good Friday because Christian community believes there is something good about this day. They believe that this is the anniversary of Christ drying and suffering. Moreover, Christians believe that resurrection of Jesus is his victory over sin and death. So, it is a Good Friday for them.
  • The second theory which is supported by the Oxford English Dictionary believes that the word ‘good’ comes from an obsolete meaning. This meaning ‘holy’ was given by Jesse Sheidlower. However, Liberman believes other names for Good Friday such as Sacred Friday or Passion Friday. Moreover, the Oxford English Dictionary believes that there is Good Wednesday as well which is the Wednesday before the three days of Easter event.
  • Another theory believes that the Good of Good Fridays actually derives from God’s Friday or God. Other theories believe that affiliating God with Good is out of question. However, other theories believe that there is a relationship between god and good.

When is Good Friday 2017?

In 2017, Good Friday would held on 14th April. http://immaginiefotos.com/buongiorno/